Aelia Agrippa

The Vestal Virgin


Sire: Let’s not talk about it.
Status: Cult of Augurs 5, Camarilla 3
Titles: Regina Sacrorum
Known Associates: Lucilia Tasia, Atria Fabiana
Occupation: Spiritual Leader
Feeding Preferences: She only feeds from women, likely to help keep her chastity in tact.
Sexual Identity: A proud virgin.

Agrippa has been a prominent figure in Rome for nearly two centuries. In life she was a beloved Vestal Virgin, one of the most beautiful, most pure, and most favored by the gods. Rumor has it that her sire was a foreign barbarian that sought to defile her, but before he could force himself upon her the gods struck him down. Still, she became embraced, and quickly climbed the ranks of the Cults, picking up pretty much where she left off in life.

After the Great Fire, she was the eldest and most favored of the remaining Augurs, so was an easy choice to become the leader of Rome’s religion. She’s grown colder and more rigid as she’s aged, but auguries given by her still draw the gods’ favor. She’s very focused on keeping the state religion pure and untarnished, and looks down upon non-pagan religions—even non-Roman religions, to an extent.



Aelia Agrippa

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