The Eunuch


Sire: Quintus Volusenna Scaurus
Status: Peregrine Collegia 1, Camarilla 2
Titles: None
Known Associates: His sire, Tiberius Naevius Vetus, Lucilia Tasia, Ninnia Tasia, many other Senex members.
Occupation: Trusted Servant
Feeding Preferences: Rumor has it he has refined tastes.
Sexual Identity: Can he even have sex?

Albinus is an odd creature. He is a eunuch, and was a personal slave of none other than the Emperor Nero. Most of Nero’s personal servants were killed along with him, but some of the Senex managed to get Albinus away. They wished to preserve some part of the god-emperor’s legacy, but the question of what to do with him was debated at length. After all, a slave would be freed upon their death, but there’s no undoing being a eunuch. Ultimately it was decided that the slave could be embraced by a Worm, and thus Scaurus stepped up to the task.

While technically no longer a slave, many of the Senex basically use him as such. He ends up handling a lot of the Camarilla’s accounts and records, serving a similar role to the undead empire as he did in life. He’s incredibly intelligent, and being a eunuch makes most inherently trust him more easily, despite his off putting pale beauty.




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