Atria Fabiana

The Sweet One


Sire: Mamercus Baebius Dives
Status: Cult of Augurs 2
Titles: Vaticinator
Known Associates: Mamercus Baebius Dives, Ninnia Tasia, Aelia Agrippa
Occupation: Courtesan
Feeding Preferences: No known preference.
Sexual Identity: She’s open to loving everyone.

Fabiana was a very rich and prosperous courtesan, loved by many of the upper class. She’s a regular staple at parties, able to sing, dance, charm with conversation, and serve as a soothing source of comfort. She might not instantly seem like the type—but that was her drawl. She enchanted those traditional Romans that told themselves they were merely enjoying her company, not acting lecherously. Some hire her without even seeking to undress her. She’s genuinely sweet and caring, and even seems innocent—until she’s whispering soft suggestions in your ear.

Mamercus Baebius Dives recently embraced her with all the plans of inducting her into the Senex—as everyone expected her to do. But despite her talents at charming the upper class, dying seems to have turned her towards religion. She still serves as a courtesan (an expensive one, at that), but a lot of her time is also spent bringing comfort to those seeking spiritual guidance.



Atria Fabiana

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