The Giant


Sire: Unknown
Status: Legio Mortuum 3
Titles: Virgatore
Known Associates: Tadla, Quintus Volusenna Scaurus
Occupation: Soldier/City Guard
Feeding Preferences: Unknown
Sexual Identity: Unknown

Celsus is the perfect example of someone who’d crawled himself up from nothing. Originally an Egyptian slave, he started out as an outsider, and through hard work, romanizing himself, and careful patronage managed to join the Collegia, and then the Legio. He served many years as a nameless soldier, and after the Great Fire was sent to Rome to help reign in the chaos and enforce order again.

Now he’s a regular figure during kindred public gatherings, serving as a guard, or seen patrolling the most used tunnels of the Necropolis. He’s a friendly gentle giant, enjoying talking to people, and despite his race and his status in life, he’s generally respected and well-liked enough that he can break up disputes without having to resort to violence. Then again, those that have seen him fight know that it’s really best not to face him in combat.




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