Cordia Verula

The Mourner


Sire: Died in the Great Fire
Status: Peregrine Collegia 3
Titles: None
Known Associates: Marcus Iulius Niger, Paullus Iunia Silanus, Albinius
Occupation: Professional Mourner
Feeding Preferences: The Grieving
Sexual Identity: Unknown

Verula is nearly as morbid of a creature as her bandmate, Niger. As a professional mourner, she is often paid to attend the funerals and graves of those rich enough to afford someone to wail and grieve. (It was seen as a staple of wealth to have professional mourners.) She has a flair for the dramatic, prone to wailing when off the job as well. Most find her annoying as well as tending to avoid her due to her clan’s curse.

She is, however, occasionally very useful. Being a frequent attender to mortal funerals means that she hears all the best gossip on how people have died and the conspiracies surrounding them.



Cordia Verula

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