Gaius Claudius Regilius

The Lost Boy


Sire: Publius Calpurnius Atticus
Status: Senex 1
Titles: None
Known Associates: None
Occupation: Athlete
Feeding Preferences: Athletes, fighters
Sexual Identity: Yes please.

There’s been a lot of gossip going around about Gaius Claudius Regilus. The only survivor of the volcanic eruption that had casted even Rome in gloom and shadow for days from all the ash lingering in the sky. Well, he was the only known survivor to those in Rome, at least. The childe of Atticus, the mad Proconsul. Oh, you’d heard plenty about him—for most of his rule he had been very well loved, with all the Senex in Rome supporting his rule over one of their favorite places to vacation to. But the past years had brought rumors of corruption, curses laid down by the gods, and then of his madness and brutality. And his perversion. Who would so openly marry a man? It was an insult to good Roman traditions. Not many knew for sure what had happened, but in the way gossip spreads and magnifies, the stories were damning. Regilus had come to Rome seeking refuge only to be ostracized by most of the Senex. The once boisterous boy is now alone, swiftly loosing what remains of his wealth, and stricken by the horrors of the volcano.



Gaius Claudius Regilius

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