Lucilia Tasia

The Matriarch


Sire: Primus Varius Andronicus
Status: Senex 5, Camarilla 4
Titles: Invictus
Known Associates: All Senex and Julii of note
Occupation: Matriarch
Feeding Preferences: Only upper class
Sexual Identity: She can have whoever she damn well wants

Lucilia Tasia was one of the oldest kindred in the city even before the Great Fire, and the death/torpor of so many Elders left her the main powerhouse of Rome. She claims that her grandesire was Remus himself, but her sire has been in torpor so long that many believe him dead—either way, not many kindred alive have heard the claim directly from him.

Tasia is a cunning and savage woman, commonly prone to cruelty, having fallen far enough from her humanity that she rarely looks alive even when she’s flushed her body. Still, among the Julii she at times has a motherly demeanor. She can be supportive and generous to her family, but she has very high expectations of those she bothers to give her time to.

As one of the Invictus, she spends her time meeting with her fellows to debate and decide matters of the Camarilla, scrutinizes any that wish to join, and oversees the lower members of the Senex with a critical eye.



Lucilia Tasia

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