Lucius Gabinius

The Martyr


Sire: A recently crucified Christian
Status: None
Titles: None
Known Associates: Vespillo, Paullus Iunia Silanus (Rumored)
Occupation: Preacher, martyr
Feeding Preferences: None
Sexual Identity: Unknown

Gabinius converted to Christianity as a mortal, a poor Roman man who found solace in Christ’s teachings. But his faith led him to loose everything. When Nero blamed the Great Fire on the Christians, many riots caused any found to be brutally killed. His sire raised him from the dead to help him save any he could, but the kindred were just as eager to blame someone for the fire that destroyed their society that they took up Nero’s orders with even more rage. His sire was one of the many that were slowly burned to death. Gabinius managed to hide himself away long enough to wait out the worst of Rome’s wrath.

Technically, Gabinius is a member of the Peregrine Collegia, as the Lancea et Sanctum isn’t yet recognized as a covenant by the Camarilla. Most of the rest of the Collegia have turned their back on him, and thus he’s only barely a member of the Camarilla. Still, he teaches the words of Longinus, and has managed to gather up a small following of outcasts and downtrodden kindred to his teachings, as he proclaims all Kindred to be equal—something most Romans consider heresy.

Despite the Camarilla’s prejudice and threats, he hasn’t been deterred—in fact he seems even more resolved to it, accepting that his fate will end only in pain. Many know that his nights are numbered.



Lucius Gabinius

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