Mamercus Baebius Dives

The Gracious Host


Sire: Unknown
Status: Senex 3, Camarilla 3
Titles: Aedile
Known Associates: Most Senex, Atria Fabiana, Albinus
Occupation: Reveler
Feeding Preferences: Only the most beautiful and talented
Sexual Identity: He enjoys the company of anyone beautiful

Dives is well known for his parties. While as an Aedile he spends a lot of his time and resources helping to plan festivals and public gatherings for the city, he also throws a lot of personal parties. He’s most famous due to the wide variety of blood wines and dishes made in such a way that they actually nourish kindred rather than need to be expelled at the end of the night—something that most kindred never experience. Of course, he prides himself on being a Daeva, so having an orgy isn’t unheard of either—sometimes strange in theme, but always exciting. Getting an invite to one of his parties is considered a highlight of Roman undead society, and landing one gives a kindred the opportunity of gaining status quickly.



Mamercus Baebius Dives

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