Marcus Iulius Niger

The Black Child


Sire: A Senex that died in the Great Fire.
Status: Peregrine Collegia 1, Camarilla 1
Titles: Keeper of the Aula Nigra
Known Associates: None close, many political connections
Occupation: Child host
Feeding Preferences: Unknown
Sexual Identity: Unknown

Not too long ago, the current brutal Emperor, Domitian, threw a party that shocked the kine and enchanted kindred.

On one occasion the Emperor Domitian entertained the foremost men among the senators and knights in the following fashion: He prepared a room that was pitch black on every side, ceiling, walls and floor, and had made ready bare couches of the same color resting on the uncovered floor; then he invited in his guests alone at night without their attendants. And first he set beside each of them a slab shaped like a gravestone, bearing the guest’s name and also a small lamp, such as hang in tombs. Next comely naked boys, likewise painted black, entered like phantoms, and after encircling the guests in an awe inspiring dance took up their stations at their feet. After this all the things that are commonly offered at the sacrifices to departed spirits were likewise set before the guests, all of them black and in dishes of a similar colour. Consequently, every single one of the guests feared and trembled and was kept in constant expectation of having his throat cut the next moment, the more so as on the part of everybody but Domitian there was dead silence, as if they were already in the realms of the dead, and the Emperor himself conversed only upon topics relating to death and slaughter.

The boy Elder has taken it upon himself to recreate the scene for kindred’s use, creating a chamber in the Necropolis called the Aula Nigra (“Black Chamber”). It’s one of the only places in the Necropolis that mortals are allowed, and kindred enjoy bringing those they wish to terrify and manipulate there. It is also becoming a traditional place for people to create ghouls, some finding the morbid back drops fitting when revealing the true nature of the undead.

Niger, as he’s recently been named, serves those that use the completely black chamber, himself painted black—along with several other painted boy ghouls. He retreats before official business begins, though, staying out of others’ business for the most part.

The Aula Nigra gives a +5 to intimidating mortals.



Marcus Iulius Niger

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