Maximus Caesius Melus

The Warror


Sire: Curia Archaria
Status: Legio Mortuum 5, Camarilla 4
Titles: Praetor
Known Associates: Most Legio, powerful Senex
Occupation: General
Feeding Preferences: Soldiers
Sexual Identity: Proper Roman man

Melus is Praetor of Rome. He oversees the undead armies and plans out the protection of the city and enforcement of the laws. He comes from a Patrican family that was very much involved with the mortal military, and was chosen by his sire after he successfully led his troops through the war against Sertorius in Spain ~78 BC. Since then he’s served loyally in the Legio, rising quickly in ranks. He’s demanding, severe, and seems utterly incapable of humor.

Now he is proclaimed as a hero among the Kindred, since the Great Fire. It’s said that he was one of the few that did not let go of their senses, not falling to the madness that overtook most in the Necropolis. That may or may not be completely true, but many kindred do claim that it was his command and protection that helped them keep their sanity and reach safety.

Melus is your cousin. His sire and yours were broodmates, but it seems that he was separated enough from your sire as to not become caught up in his scandal. In fact, from how your sire had talked, they hadn’t gotten along at all. It seems he’s holding onto whatever feud had gone on in the previous generation, as so far he hasn’t given you much of his time.



Maximus Caesius Melus

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