Ninnia Tasia

The Brat


Sire: Lucilia Tasia
Status: Senex 2
Titles: None
Known Associates: Lucilia Tasia, Atria Fabiana
Occupation: Socialite
Feeding Preferences: Upper Class
Sexual Identity: She’s certainly flirty with everyone

Ninnia Tasia is the childe of Elder Lucilia Tasia, though they claim that the girl is also a direct descendant as well, the Tasia family having been breed and tended to by the Matriarch.

Ninnia is held to incredibly high expectations. Not just from her sire, but by the rest of the Senex. She certainly can be charming, but is incredibly spoiled. She may have been raised to the role, used to the spotlight, and very used to getting her way, but some think the pressure might be too much for her. She really just wants to be able to let her hair down and have fun, but she has the whole city watching her—most using any slip up she may make as leverage to gain Lucilia’s approval by tattling on the neonate.



Ninnia Tasia

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