Nona Perperna

The Priestess


Sire: Died in the Great Fire
Status: Cult of Augurs 3
Titles: Scholar
Known Associates: Those that worship Isis
Occupation: Occultist
Feeding Preferences: Others of the faith
Sexual Identity: Unknown

Perperna is a mysterious figure among the Augurs. She’s Roman born, but has fallen in love with Egyptian religion—likely because her sire was a very powerful one. She dresses herself as those from across the sea, in thin linens and dark khol around her eyes.

She’s a successful augur and priestess, and said to know many foreign secrets and sorcery. She has a large white streak going through her otherwise dark hair, which most claim happened in the Fons Ater (“Black Spring”)—a fabled place in the Necropolis where dark magic is practiced. Perhaps she was cursed, touched by a god, or sold part of her soul to see some horrible spell fulfilled. She certainly doesn’t discuss it.



Nona Perperna

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