Paullus Iunia Silanus

The Cursed


Sire: Died in the Great Fire
Status: Peregrine Collegia 4, Camarilla 1
Titles: Governor
Known Associates: Marcus Iulius Niger, Cordia Verula, Albinius, Lucius Gabinius
Occupation: Patrician
Feeding Preferences: Tends to feed mostly from his own slaves
Sexual Identity: Rumored to submit to men

Silanus is cursed. His whole line is. How they came to anger the gods isn’t known, but despite being Julii most of his lineage becomes twisted, ugly, their blood smelling far too much like the retched Worms. Rumor has it that his sire was a twisted senile hag.

Despite this, Silanus is a very rich, very powerful Patrician—his mortal family have lived in and influenced Rome for generations. But the kindred upper class shun him, for the most part.

Silanus’ curse has manifested as eyes that never stop weeping. Even when he seems completely calm, or even happy, his eyes are glossy and red, tears slowly streaming down his face. It’s led to him being seen as… well, very weak and unmanly. Which means very unRoman. Rumors have spread since his embrace—that he enjoys being sodomized, that he bows even to the demands of mortal women, and so on. He is mocked at best, and avoided at worst.

Silanus is desperate to join the Senex, but despite his mortal wealth and influence, has thus far been denied. He’s even been made Governor of the Collegia (Which, admittedly, most believe he was made so to serve as a scape goat, as most in the Collegia mock him as well.), and despite the fact that most Governors are also made Magistrates, so far he’s been refused the title.

He’s been spotted speaking to Gabinius recently, and the claim that he might be converting to Christianity has only damned him further.



Paullus Iunia Silanus

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