Quintus Volusenna Scaurus

The Tactician


Sire: Unknown Legionnaire
Status: Legio Mortuum Status 3, Camarilla 1
Titles: Equestrian
Known Associates: Celsus
Occupation: Tactician/Torturer
Feeding Preferences: Mostly slaves
Sexual Identity: Rumored deviant

Scaurus is not a pleasant creature. He was once a proud Roman soldier, but was wounded in battle. His flesh started to turn, becoming grotesque even before the infection took his life. He was embraced postmortem by a member of the undead Legion, and his infection lingered—enough so that one of his legs is swollen up twice it’s size.

He had a lot to overcome, but his incredible intelligence and cunning when it came to war strategies has proven him useful among the undead. And despite it looking like he should be crippled, he’s a fearsome warrior on the battlefield.

He also is one of Roman’s most notorious interrogators and torturers, known to be able to make just about anyone crack from his physical and mental torture.



Quintus Volusenna Scaurus

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