Rahul Yuhan’em

The Mysterious Foreigner


Sire: Unknown
Status: Peregrine Collegia 1
Titles: None
Known Associates: None
Occupation: Trader
Feeding Preferences: Unknown
Sexual Identity: Unknown

Rahul is new to town, having just recently showed up out of no where and asked to join the Camarilla. It’d been quite an event, as he was rumored to come from far, far south, past the barren desserts of Arabia, from the thriving Himyarite Empire. Some gossip that he’s very charming, while others say he’s strange and barbaric.

Romans have a history of good relations and prosperous trade with the Himyarites, despite them not being a part of the Roman empire. So while he wasn’t met with animosity, the question arises—why did he come so far from his home to petition to join the Camarilla?

He managed to convince the Invictus to allow him entry (Most claim he bribed them), thus becoming a member of the Collegia, but he’s still met with a lot of suspicion. He seems to have taken an interest in Roman trade, looking to invest his wealth and use his connections in Arabia to make some deals.



Rahul Yuhan’em

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