The Actor


Sire: Unknown
Status: Peregrine Collegia 2
Titles: Tribune
Known Associates: Catulus
Occupation: Actor
Feeding Preferences: Actors, lovers of art, clients
Sexual Identity: Open

Sarga got his moment of stardom when he was alive, as an actor and associate of Emperor Nero, when the Emperor decided that being an actor would be his legacy. Some say they were lovers as well as Nero being his patron. Some time after the Great Fire a succubus decided to embrace Sarga to preserve his art.

Since then he’s built up a small cult of followers—despite not really doing many shows anymore. (Theatre mainly taking place during the day isn’t particularly good for one’s career.) But he controls a trope of ghouled/thralled actors that he keeps close, and helps direct them. Sometimes they put on shows for kindred, when given the chance.

He was in a band with (prostitute lady name here), but their other members were very recently killed, leaving them broken and unable to maintain their territory.

Rumored to be broodmates with Catulus.



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