Sertor Livius

The Rogue


Sire: None
Status: None
Titles: None
Known Associates: Various kindred.
Occupation: Ghoul for hire
Feeding Preferences: Anyone he can get vitae from, but never more than once.
Sexual Identity: He’s been known to trade services for vitae. To any gender.

It’s not uncommon for kindred to feed from those poor kine that are waiting in line for their daily dole of grain, as the waiting usually stretches well into the evening. It’s also not uncommon for blood addicts to lurk around the area after dark hoping to run into an undead and barter for vitae. Sertor Livius is one of the most well known of these scavengers. How he came to become a ghoul isn’t well known, but for the past several years he occasionally shows up, keeping an eye out for kindred—and he’s pretty good at picking them out from a crowd. He’s known to be efficient and discreet, so is sought out by some kindred who need someone to handle a special errand or task, though he makes an effort to space out his clients so he doesn’t become permanently bonded to anyone.



Sertor Livius

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