Sisenna Atrius Aquila

The Falconer


Sire: Unknown
Status: Senex 2, Camarilla 1
Titles: Quaestor
Known Associates: Tadla
Occupation: Falconer/Hunter
Feeding Preferences: Unknown
Sexual Identity: Unknown

Aquila loves hunting. He keeps a whole flock of various birds—mostly falcons and hawks that are well trained in hunting. He spends most of his time out of the city on hunting trips, but spends enough time in the city to maintain his title as Quaestor—barely. He’s not terribly interested in politics, which some approve of, as it makes him mostly unbiased when it comes to petitioning for feeding grounds. Otherwise, people sometimes pay to use his birds. They tend to be incredibly intelligent, as well as very fast, which allows them to send messages to people outside of the city quickly.



Sisenna Atrius Aquila

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