The Gladiator


Sire: None
Status: None
Titles: None
Known Associates: Mamercus Baebius Dives
Occupation: Gladiator
Feeding Preferences: None
Sexual Identity: Unknown

Spiculus is a legend among men and kindred. He’s without a doubt the most famous gladiator of the time, having fought in many successful battles. Nero, hero-god of the kindred, was very fond of him. The emperor awarded him with riches and palaces, making him not only famous but very rich. They say that Nero even asked for Spiculus to be the one to kill him, towards the end, but he couldn’t be reached before the Emperor committed suicide. Since then he’s been a favorite among kindred, while still fighting fiercely in the Colosseum.

He’s known to be ghouled by Mamercus Baebius Dives, who greatly enjoys showing him off whenever he can.




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