Thana Tatia

The Widow


Sire: None
Status: None
Titles: None
Known Associates: Canus Matius
Occupation: Wife
Feeding Preferences: None
Sexual Identity: Straight

Thana is the widowed wife of the man you ate. When you see her, you… recognize her, somehow. It’s an odd sense of deja vu, a pull that draws you closer to her. A mixed echo of many emotions—anger, regret, maybe even love.

In the wake of her husband’s disappearance, she’s done her best to keep her household together. She focuses her time on trying to keep her family’s house and businesses tended to—her adopted oldest son taking up the charge of running the household, despite still being fairly young.

She drinks a lot. Even more since her husband is gone. More and more she slips into despair.



Thana Tatia

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