The Gaul


Sire: Unknown
Status: Peregrine Collegia 1
Titles: None
Known Associates: Celsus, Sisenna Atrius Aquila, Tadla
Occupation: Horse Trainer
Feeding Preferences: Not picky.
Sexual Identity: Seems open.

Garmon was a famous charioteer racer (A Green) when he was alive. His career ended during a particularly brutal chariot crash that busted up his leg badly—he still walks with a notable limp.

He faded from notoriety after that—and not many know his origins for being embraced. But he is a neonate, fairly fresh to the life and seeking those that can offer advice. He’s easy to talk to and is quickly making friends and allies, especially among his clan. He now works for Aquila, helping to train his horses for chariot races. He has not yet joined a band.



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