Zhao Lin

The Nomad


Sire: Unknown
Status: Peregrine Collegia 0
Titles: None
Known Associates: None
Occupation: Wanderer
Feeding Preferences: Men
Sexual Identity: Unknown

Lin is an elusive oddity. Several decades ago she followed a trade route that went along the Silk Road back to Rome. She came along with a small hoard of silks and oriental finery, having protected the caravan from raiders. So the people of the Camarilla were quick to open arms, thinking it would help them become rich.

But as soon as Lin was given admittance into the Camarilla, she was gone. Much to the annoyance of the Senex. Still technically a member, but acting more like an Outsider, she wanders along Italy and occasionally pokes her head into Rome, showing up for a handful of months before moving on. She doesn’t seem to speak much Roman, and is pretty good at not sticking out in a crowd.


Zhao Lin

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